Rediscovering Redemption

Chronicling the work of Redemption in the lives of Followers and Leaders. Articles, research and meditations from the writings of Dr. Joseph J. Bucci. Get blog updates by following Joe on Twitter @Re_Redemption

Joseph J. Bucci

Ben Roethlisberger’s Redemption:

“It’s a calming feeling when the Lord runs your life. And it’s something I’ve always known as a church person, but I’ve never really believed it. I think I’ve known it but never believed it. And now I know it, and it’s a great thing.”
“….. I got my redemption. For me, it’s about other things. I want people to talk about when I am done with my career how great of a person I was. Did I have my faults? Did I make mistakes? Yes, everyone does. But look at who he really is. Look who he became when he grew up and matured. How did he finish up his career, and who is he now as a person.”

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