Redemptive Leadership Book Cover By Joseph J. Bucci

Offering Second Chances as a Value-Added Management Practice

This book highlights research on and examples of redemptive managerial behaviors used in the successful reinstatement and improved performance of employees previously terminated for cause. Organizational pressure to hire and retain near-perfect employees is higher than ever, but by offering second chance opportunities and utilizing the resources outlined in this book managers can reclaim, restore, and redirect current employees with great potential.

Based on qualitative research and contemporary stories of successful reinstatement, the author highlights the benefits of adopting a redemptive approach and offering employees second chances. The value proposition of retaining an already trained but underperforming employee often results in avoidance of arbitration costs, reduced turnover, higher productivity, and greater employee loyalty. Little research has been conducted assessing the impact of the manager’s leadership behavior on post-reinstatement employees, and this book fills that gap by providing seminal reading for faith-oriented students, scholars, managers, and human resources professionals.


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