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Hope. Saving grace. The beauty of redemption and its life-altering effects are set out in Redemption Inc. When you yearn to be a helper, but don’t know what to do; when you think a situation is too tough, there is our Beautiful Hope.

—Marion R. Syversen
Founder & President
Norumbega Financial

Dr. Bucci paints a compelling vision of his road to recovery—how to enter it, how to travel it, and who will travel it with you—until you reach your destination, a place of purpose, peace, and joy. Share his vision and the journey becomes better for everyone.

—Mike Klausmeier
Founder & Principal Engineer
Redox Resour
ce Engineering

In an increasingly throw-away world that often discards people when they fail, Dr. Bucci’s work is a ray of hope and encouragement for leaders who are working through complex and possible life-altering situations with those in their charge. A must-read for leaders that genuinely care for their employees.

— Dr. Wendel Weaver
Dean, Chesapeake Energy School of Business Professor
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Failure is not the end. Dr. Bucci masterfully goes through the restoration process to full redemption. This book addresses the damaged, wounded, and cast aside to seek to restore them to fulfilling God’s plan for their life. Failure is a learning opportunity and a building block for future success. This book will take you on the journey to full redemption.

—Jeffrey Ganthner, DSL, AIA
Vice President & General Manager
Mid-Atlantic Region, Burns & McDonnel

Redemption is a concept desperately needed in an increasingly polarized world where people celebrate the fall of their opponents, and the goal too often is to cancel someone rather than see them flourish. Dr. Bucci’s work, therefore, is a breath of fresh air, as it focuses on how to restore people—even if that journey is long and hard. And, as Bucci notes, there is great beauty in a restored life.

—Dr. Josh McMullen
Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
Regent U

Prior to reading Redemption Inc., I thought I understood redemption as; the act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake. Dr. Joseph Bucci takes us much deeper through telling the stories of real people living through a real crisis. Dr. Bucci takes us on a journey showing what biblical redemption looks like in the lives of everyday, normal people who miss the mark. My perspective has been wonderfully enhanced and enriched.

—Mark Lawrence
Director of Campus Ministries
Regent University

Redemption Inc. is a compelling compilation of extraordinary stories that remind us that the work of redemption and restoration does not end when we leave the church building or our church circles. This work is an insightful prompt that our own experience of the biblical principle of restoration in our personal lives can and should be applied in varied and practical ways in our vocational lives.

—Jonathan Capeci, MBA
Executive Director
Petra Community Housing

Dr. Bucci conveys the message of hope for many who believe that we serve the God of the second chance. The examples he uses strike deeply the redemptive work that Christ has done in each of us who believe in the salvation of that which was lost. Having worked with Joe at Geneva, I personally saw a man who loved the Lord and loved people. He gave many students a second chance while modeling the heart of a Christian to his peers. We are called by Jesus to redeem our world for Him and this book is an excellent reflection of the power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many.

—Geno DeMarco
Head Football Coach
Assistant Professor of Business, Geneva College

Through the lives of real people, Dr. Bucci walks us through their pain, brokenness, and the hope of redemption. In reading through each chapter, I could clearly see a mosaic. Each story, each life, represents people we possibly meet every day. Individuals who have made decisions or by no fault of their own; their lives, families, and careers are shattered. Unfortunately, for many, that’s how the story ends. Throughout Redemption, Inc., Dr. Bucci reveals the powerful potential of God’s grace in redeeming broken, shattered lives. Redemption, Inc. will inspire everyone to be intentional in any way they can to help pick up the broken pieces, and although painful, a mosaic of God’s grace, with time, will appear.

—Dr. John O. McCloud
Senior Pastor
Grace River Church

This book introduces an important topic that has long been avoided or ignored in organizational life. In an era when many organizations prefer to “play it safe” and avoid risks, a few are finding the practical, philosophical, and spiritual motivation to offer second chances to those who have paid the price to experience freedom, sobriety, or personal redemption. This is their story. This is MY story. I am who I am today because of people like those described in this timely book who believe in healing and restoration. My friend Joe Bucci has done us all a favor in providing a thoroughly-researched, yet practical guidebook for leaders, employers, and board members worldwide. Redemption Inc. is a must-reading for anybody who is committed to building resilient, powerful teams and organizations.

—Andy Wood, Ph.D.
Chairman and President
LifeVesting International

A fresh perspective shift gives permission to those who want to apply biblical truths to the way they approach business— for both employee and employer.
In a pivotal time in history where the Christian professional must refocus on the Great Commission, Redemption, INC. offers its readers a joyful discussion on how to avoid personal burnout while establishing a culture of forgiveness rooted in patient mentorship and grace-filled guidance.

A relevant, updated conversation with timeless truth to fill the need for a successful business—personnel relationships. The new standard for Christians on people strategies in the workplace. Through relatable stories, this book gifts its readers with the hope that they too can witness a miraculous turnaround of someone in a professional setting. A simple, yet forgotten formula for business: personalized patience paired with a concrete, specific call to action leading to changed lives & mutual blessings.

The advantage every business can feel good about ethically and professionally. The only one that will increase profits, protect owner assets and simultaneously advance the Kingdom of God. A brilliant lesson for a growth mindset for the Christian professional through a culmination of success. This author offers the truth that when applied, this strategy can offer every occupation, in every industry the hope and joyful peace that rests in a Divine promise — where God reigns, mutual blessings are guaranteed.

An unexplored, relevant solution to yesterday, today, and tomorrow’s burnout problem in the Christian business heart & office building. This is a business opportunity every industry will not want to miss. This is the business secret every Christian can’t afford to forget. What I love about this book is its vast range of examples. It offers a relatable story for everyone, interacting with every population and situation. The best part is how the author unifies all by offering the same strategy, revealing its Divine truth. The revolutionary business strategy, is sure to see lasting change in every culture and every occupation.

—Louisa Brizendine Curry
#Love Warrior: Admire Him; Adore Her

To me, Joseph Bucci, educator and pastor, and leader, is just Joe. Joe who loves Jesus. Joe is a consummate professional with a kind and gentle servant’s heart always looking for better ways to help his students and those of us in our businessmen and pastors bible study or in his church do better.
His latest book Redemption Inc is a marvelous study to help all of us do better. It is a treatise and a roadmap for coming back from a wide array of destructive behaviors and life hazards; centered around the one true Way, Jesus Christ. And also about how business can be intimately involved in redemption. Who doesn’t need a way back?

I have my own story of destructive behavior and finding a way back through Jesus, but my friend Johnny’s story is much more interesting and seemingly impossible. Johnny shot his wife in the head when he caught her cheating on him. Fast forward several years of prison, redemption, struggling to survive because of his new faith in prison, and we come to me meeting Johnny when he was in a halfway house working in the warehouse of the company for which I was the new controller.

God used Johnny to be my mentor in the new faith I discovered. Johnny is a black man who shot his wife, and I am wearing 3-piece suits at that time. We were worlds apart on the outside but true brothers on the inside. Johnny exemplified 24/7 Christianity for me. I saw redemption in action daily, in our company, through this ex-convict and his impact on my life and family and many others in our work environment who found the redemptive work of Jesus.

All this was going on while our company was having the highest return on investment in our industry. Johnny went on to marry and become a pastor.
I believe in redemption through business because I have seen it through Johnny and many others over time. I believe in Joe. I believe his book can make a major impact on those who need redemption and those who would like to see this happening in their business life.

—Thomas R. Noon
C Level Services & Catalyst Cohorts

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