Why Offering Second Chances Makes Good Business Sense

The organizations described in Redemption Inc. have demonstrated a successful approach to restoring and redeeming hundreds of individuals bound in anger and despair. With the approval of recent legislation offering second chances to former convicts, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations across the spectrum should be more actively seeking to recruit and hire these potential employee "success stories."

There is no better story than one of redemption. Our history is replete with redemption stories. Some of the movies, in which we delight the most, tell compelling stories of someone demoralized and hurt by personal choices or overwhelming circumstances, who overcame tremendous odds through a mentor, a process of redemption, and was returned to effectiveness and fulfillment in their lives. We connect with that underdog who finds success with a second chance.

The stories documented here are about individuals who have had their productive lives taken from them, and through a process of redemption and restoration, they were allowed to start afresh and anew. The stories in this book point to how individuals and organizations successfully provide opportunities for seemingly failed and broken people who can be made whole and productive in society. Redemption Inc details stories of people from different backgrounds and different experiences who are united by one common theme: There was a failure, there was frustration, and there was no hope for recovery.

But then a mentor, a counselor, or a program provided the means for them to start over. Their lives became fruitful and productive once again. Whether famous or obscure, all people face challenges that have the potential to derail their hopes and dreams. Redemption Inc. depicts compelling true accounts of people who were not defined by their failure. Stories of broken people finding restoration and fulfillment, and the people and organizations who helped make this possible. Many people are looking for a new start, a do-over, a second chance. Be encouraged by these stories about people given second chances and what they did with them.



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