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Iron Man
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Losing @ Business: It Still Hurts

Carmen Gallo, in his book “Talk Like TED” (2014), describes listening to Pastor Joel Osteen, who has not given TED talks but is a “TED-worthy” speaker. Gallo quotes Osteen as saying that 90% of all first businesses fail. He also stated that 90% of all second businesses succeed, yet 80%

For Iron Man All Things Are Made New

According to the Los Angeles Times actor Robert Downey Jr., who plays the lead character in the Marvel Comics movie adaptation of Iron Man, was given a Christmas Eve pardon by California Governor Jerry Brown. This pardon effectively wiped clean Downey’s past criminal record. After a history of problems with law enforcement

Building a Second Chance for Job Hunters with Felony Convictions

Building a second chance for job hunters with felony convictions General workplace policies surrounding individuals with felony convictions have been very guarded, but many of those barriers are slowly beginning to fall. Small- to medium-sized businesses that have traditionally taken the lead when it comes to hiring people with criminal


Redemption Inc

Right Thinking Podcast with Steve Coplon. An Interview with Dr. Joseph Bucci.

The Two Sides of Redemption

Stories from the Book of Acts, Chapter 9, about the redemptive nature of event surrounding Saul of Tarsus.

The Two Sides of Change

Stories from the Book of Acts, Chapter 9, concerning Saul, now Paul, managed the changes in his life after his redemptive experiences.

Leadership vs. Management:

What are the Differences?

In The Press & Podcasts

Right Thinking Podcast with Steve Coplon

Iron Sharpens Iron Podcast

Change Cultivators Podcast


Redemption Inc. An Interview with Dr. Joseph Bucci, Author of Redemption Inc.

Emotion is in Infinite Supply with Joseph Bucci

Changing Redemptive Practices

Episode 30: Turning Change into Your Friend with Joseph Bucci.


Why Offering Second Chances Makes Good Business Sense
Redemption Inc. describes people committed to helping restore individual lives. It details how people can help value others who had been overcome by life-controlling problems that nearly destroyed them and each one's road to recovery.

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On-Demand Learning To Grow Through Change.

Joseph helps organizations to initiate redemptive change. In this three-part series, he distills 25++ years of corporate leadership & training experience into a proven repeatable and trainable framework of growing through redemption and change.

Seeing Redemptive Change as Becoming Usual?

Transform Your Culture from Surviving Change to

Growing Through Change



(... because-change happens)

During change, your people are inundated with high-priority messages from leaders. These messages may be conflicting, and require compliance without clarity. As a result, your people experience fear, anger, anxiety, and grief. Recognizing these emotions as ‘change signals’ is the first step.

Change creates an infinite supply of emotions. The Change Enthusiast language, mindset, and tools empower your people to ‘develop a conscious mindset of opportunity’. They are now able to transform their change-stalling emotions into change-accelerating behaviors.

Change is constant. When people intentionally shift how they feel, see and act during change events, they ‘uncover a unique signature of resilience’ during turbulent times. As a result, they are able to transform the tension of change into growth opportunities for themselves and their organization.

Redemption Inc.

Why Offering Second Changes Make Good Business Sense

Redemption is Repairing Brokenness, Restoring Wholeness, and Offering A Fresh Start With A Second Chance.

Redemption Inc. details stories of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who are united by a common theme: failure and frustration with little hope of recovery. Then a mentor, a counselor, or a program provides the means for them to start fresh and anew.

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