25 years of real-world corporate experience distilled into a game plan and messages of thriving in live through redemptive hope & change.


Workshops that give your organization a lasting mindset, resources, and resilience for profitable growth through change.


Live Training (eLearning or Live-Stream) to embed Redemptive Change in your Organizational DNA, nurturing resident Redemption Enthusiasts to ensure lasting change.


25 years of Real-World Corporate Experience Distilled into a Game Plan and Messages of Thriving in Live Through Redemptive Hope & Change.

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Redemptive Leadership:

Value Added Management Practices

Leadership vs. Management:

What are the Differences?
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Change Management:

A New Approach to Managing Change in Organizations

Redemption Inc.

Why Offering Second Changes Make Good Business Sense

Redemption is Repairing Brokenness, Restoring Wholeness, and Offering A Fresh Start With A Second Chance.

Redemption Inc. details stories of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences who are united by a common theme: failure and frustration with little hope of recovery. Then a mentor, a counselor, or a program provides the means for them to start fresh and anew.

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