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The Slow Process of Redemption

I thought you might enjoy this article from Cheri Saccone.

It was posted in Relevant Magazine on line – I found it here:

Here was part of the article that caught my attention (thank you, Cheri):

If you’re anything like me, you have seen how gently persistent God is in revealing who He is to us as He reveals who we are to ourselves. As He does this, He heals us, convicts us, grows us and defines us. I have to confess though; I find this work of redemption unbearably slow. I easily grow tired of my empty promises and inability to let go of the darkness I run to. As a result, I spend much of my time looking away from my sin and divinity, and instead look at the unimportant minutia that fills the spaces in between them.

There are no easy “how-to’s” when it comes to the work of redemption in our lives. There is no standardized answer. But there is this constant truth. We can’t seem to pry off this nagging sensation that redemption is not only possible, but that it’s the only way. At the same time, we struggle to feel we deserve it, that we deserve God. He says otherwise. God has torn the iron curtain that separates the human heart from the divine One, and He beckons us forth. He has opened His arms to our messy humanness and called us His sons and daughters. We no longer the prodigals, Him no longer unreachable.

His work in our lives may feel unbearably slow sometimes, but imagine who we would be without Him. Could we live with that reality instead?

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