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Joseph J. Bucci

She Held On

I saw a picture yesterday that opened my eyes to something I may have missed. I saw the heart of a beautiful woman in this picture. A woman who cared for her children and invested herself fully in making sure that they have everything they needed, even when the family scraped along on a miniscule salary. I saw a woman who listened and followed her insistent husband even though she was scared, and even after she became so frustrated and did not agree. It reminded me of one of the most difficult times of our lives.

I saw a woman of great courage who stood up for herself and her children. She also stood up for me. She knew that things were not working even though I would not admit it. She held on to what was true and what was right in her heart. She held onto her children and she held onto her family. And she held on to me, even though at the time I did not realize it. Thank you darling for holding on and for being faithful and for forgiving me. Thank you darling for holding on to us. I love you honey.

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