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Really Leaving a Legacy

Fred Landay, owner of the Appliance Warehouse in the Pittsburgh area, offered job opportunities to ex-convicts for much of his time in business. Landay was noted to hire ex-cons no matter the offense (Thomas, 2003).

Landay was quoted as saying that he didn’t care about the offense, but whether these men wanted to work (Thomas, 2003). Landay carefully structured the situation to protect the workers and his company. Landay said that he would not put them in situations where they would handle money, or be alone in customer homes, or be in a position where there might be some temptation (Thomas, 2003). Landay believed that one of the biggest forms of charity he could provide was to offer someone a job (Ward, 2009).
The reports about successes with his workers demonstrated positive attitudes among the workers, beter than the workers who had free choices to work where they could. Landay offered an opportunity that few other places offer.

Landay passed away in 2014, with an obituary that briefly mentioned the founding of his company (Fred Landay obituary, 2014). There was no mention of the lives into which he poured himself, to make better men and give opportunities to many who would have been forgotten. But those lives leave a legacy to the commitment of this man who create these job opportunities through conditional agreements with former convicts and drug addicts and people in whom no one else wanted to invest.

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