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One Life Well Lived

A brief note of remembrance for a friend and wonderful pastor and example, Rev. John O. Bordigon, who went this week to sit at the feet of his Master Jesus.

Many people could say that they were friends of John, so my story is not unique. He will remain in my thinking a kind man full of life. We were blessed to know him through mutual friends, and spend some fun times together at various ministry functions. He taught me things as a young minister, and even when I was raw and still learning my craft he allowed me to speak in his church. He was always welcoming and always insightful.

At his retirement from his church after serving for 35 years, I teased him about the two things that he said that I will always remember. Whenever he asked us to pray he always asked us to ‘bow our hearts.’ That was always a funny visual picture to me. The other thing that he said that I will always remember was this quote: “When I was younger I thought I had all the answers. Now I don’t even know the questions.”

As we grow and mature through our lives, we learn many things from good men and women, and at the time we do not recognize their impact or influence. Then life moves on and we go our separate ways, and the opportunity to follow up and thank a special person gets lost, and suddenly they have moved on before us. It reminds me to take the time today to show appreciation, since we really do not know the times that the Lord has for us (Psalm 31:14-15). I hope some day that someone will say of me that my life was well-lived, as Jesus taught us to live; and that I can be a positive influence to others as John was to me.

I pray a blessing on Carol his wife and his whole family during this time. Thank you Lord for bringing John Bordigon into our lives. [More on John’s life –]

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