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Loneliness: A Groaning for Redemption

The following quotes on loneliness were compiled by Tony Reinke from a sermon series by a former missionary, current pastor and insightful single man named Paul Matthies. I so connect the thoughts here to Romans chapter 8: here at the end of our groaning in the Spirit, we seek a release from the bondage of this sinful condition. We, like all of God’s creation, groan and long for something more. Our groanings, too deep for words (Romans 8:22-26) are a cry for redemption, for intimacy with God and the release from this loneliness and isolation created by the Fall. Hear Matthies take on this:

“Loneliness is a common human experience. Meaning that all of us, whether single or married, whether for a short period of time or for an extended season, deal with loneliness. Why so? Loneliness, at its root, is a spiritual issue. We don’t need to merely hang out with more friends. We don’t need to merely learn how to speak love languages. We need help. We need a savior. We need an advocate whose name is Christ Jesus. And our heart cry should not merely be: ‘I do bad things because I’m lonely, so someone come keep me company, make me feel better.’ Our deep heart cry should be, ‘I’m lonely because I’m a sinner in a dark and fallen world. God help me.’”

“Sometimes we call ‘loneliness’ what God’s word calls a longing for unhindered intimacy with Him and others. And we start thinking that other people can provide us what only God can provide. And it amazes me how often I call ‘loneliness’ what is actually a groaning for redemption. And instead of trying to numb it, I should embrace it and try to realize that it’s God’s good gift to me to remind me that this world is not my home.”

Quotes from Paul Matthies’s sermon series, “Only the Lonely.” Retrieved March 6, 2014 from

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