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For Iron Man All Things Are Made New

According to the Los Angeles Times actor Robert Downey Jr., who plays the lead character in the Marvel Comics movie adaptation of Iron Man, was given a
Christmas Eve pardon by California Governor Jerry Brown. This pardon effectively wiped clean Downey’s past criminal record. After a history of
problems with law enforcement and past convictions for drug usage, Downey
served two years in jail for drug convictions. According to an article in
People magazine in August of 1996, at one point Downey was arrested 3 times
in 4 weeks. In recommending him to serve jail time, the LA County District
Attorney said at the time that Downey was a danger to himself and to the
community. It is a remarkable turn of events, as noted by Governor Brown,
that in 20 years Downey has changed from a talented but flawed personality
and prison convict to become one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood.
It certainly took much hard work to turn from his addictive habits; and someone had to believe in Robert Downey Jr., and be willing to fight to
get Downey the role which would cement his return from what one reviewer called
“the dark side.”  It is a great story of redemption; although not everyone can have the Governor issue a pardon on their behalf.  This pales in comparison to what Jesus has done for us, by giving His life as a substitute for ours.  He went to prison for you and for me; and suffered the shame of death on the cross, so that you and I could receive a pardon for all of the sins we have committed, both past and also future.  It was the Apostle Paul who wrote in 2nd Corinthians chapter 5:17 that, “If any man be in Christ he is a new creation. All things have passed away behold all things become new.” Better than a Christmas Eve pardon from the Governor, for sure!

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