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Dr. Bucci on the Radio!

Challenges of Faith Radio Broadcast featuring Dr. Joseph Bucci, highlighting his new book Redemption Inc – BTR..Permalink: Anchor Fm–Bucci—DBA-Redemption-Inc-e1n34b0 Spotify iHeart Radio TuneIn Radio–Spirituality-Podcasts/Challenges-of-Faith-Radio-Program-p1346399/ Apple Google Amazon Music 

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Searching in the Right Talent Pools

The linked article answers questions about why employers are having a hard time finding employees. While the 5 solutions recommend by this management consultant do not specifically address second chances. Later in the article the authors note this phenomenon. This is a positive development! I wish it was addressed more

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From Ruthless to Remorseful: an Opportunity for Redemption

This article was shared with me by a friend. An incredible story of repentance and redemption’s transformative work. While there is no evidence that I could find of a spiritual transformation, the individual at the center of this horror has admitted his guilt and lives with shame ( This is

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Second Chance Business Coalition: Why it Matters

A wide range of companies have established successful programs that give formerly incarcerated job seekers a chance at meaningful employment. Opening up this talent pipeline is delivering great benefits. Learn more about the success of companies who are offering second chances by going to this brief white paper –

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Companies That Are Taking on The Challenge

Today marks the date when my new book Redemption Inc is available in paperback. I’m so grateful to so many folks for this, but especially to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the motivation for my work and He is source of my joy and inspires me to write about

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